Backpacking in Washington StateI feel like I am beginning a new journey as I start this blog.   My plan is to focus on how to trust, live and serve as a follower of Jesus Christ.  I will be reflecting on how the Christian faith impacts our lives in terms of body, mind and spirit.  For example, as a runner, at times I will write about some of my running experiences and how my faith interacts with my physical activities.  Or as a teacher-pastor I plan to write how we read and interpret scripture in light of our world context.  Or at other times I may simply write/pray a prayer as an expression of my trust in Jesus.

It will be somewhat eclectic and random as to what I will write, but for now I will start with a goal of at least three posts each week: one with a physical theme, one with a mental focus and one with a spiritual theme.  Of course, they may overlap at times.    As a Lutheran, I will be gracious about this plan.

My audience for this blog will start with the people of Resurrection Lutheran Church, who have graciously called me to be their Lead Pastor.  But I hope this blog will spread in many marvelous ways.  One of the joys of the internet is that it can touch so many lives with fresh insights.

2 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Matthew Mayer

    Hi Pastor John, this blog is a great idea. I have added myself to your blog so I can follow any future posts. Where was your picture taken? Are you going to start a running club at Resurrection? Matthew


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