Microwave or Crockpot?

This Sunday the gospel text will center on Jesus’ call of his first disciples (John 1:35-42). I am amazed at how quickly the first disciples responded to the call to follow Jesus.  They expressed no hesitation or reluctance.  In all four gospel  they immediately dropped everything and followed Jesus.  Their instant faith surprises me.

Are you like a microwave?

Several  years ago Pastor John Hogenson introduced me to the concept that some people are like microwaves, others are like crock pots.   He was not referring to their taste in foods, but to their speed in making decisions.   Some people are quick to process information and make decisions.  They see the opportunity and take it right away.   People may see the microwavers as courageous and decisive while others see them as brash and reckless.  I think many of Jesus’ disciples were like microwaves.  The best example may be Peter when later he asked to join Jesus in walking on the water (Matt 14:28-29).

Or like a crock pot?

Other people may be more like a crock pot.  They need time to process information before they make a decision. They want to “sleep on it” before they discern the proper couse of action. They may appear methodical or sluggish to others.  Over the years, I have learned that I am more like a crock pot (not to be confused with crackpot!) than a microwave.   I do eventually decide, just not immediately.  I struggle with the quickness of the disciple’s embrace.   I identify more with Moses and his hesitation at the burning bush (Exodus 3).  

Whether you are a microwaver or a crockpotter, all of us are called to respond to Jesus’ call eventually.   To push the analogy, we need to “get plugged in” to the true source of power so that we can “serve the meal.”  We need to trust in Jesus and discover our specific call in God’s kingdom.   All of us have a role to play, whether in a hurry or in time.

What image or analogy would you use to creatively describe your spirituality?

2 thoughts on “Microwave or Crockpot?

  1. Sarah S.

    I am definitely a crockpot, but when I start thinking about a question like yours, my mind tends to fly around a bit more like a microwave. Anyway, I’d describe my spiritual life using book/movie imagery. Last night my son had to select a book to read for English, that has been made into a movie he can watch as well. We didn’t think his choice was that great, so I spent some of my evening looking for better options. (Trying to leave a little free will in his selection!) So books and movies were on my mind. Much of my spiritual life is like a book – reflective, between me and the author, and lived out in the world of words. But then at other times, it’s more like a movie – put into action. Sometimes the book is better, other times the movie gets it right. And they don’t always reflect each other as I’d like them too. Part of my spiritual journey is to keep working at getting the movie – the living faith – to better reflect the book. My book . . . and His.

    1. Pastor John Keller Post author

      Sarah, I appreciate the analogy of taking our reflection on the book of God’s Word and then making the movie (our actions) base on those reflections. Sometimes it is clear how the adaption is to go, but often there is plenty of room for interpretation. NT Wright uses a different analogy: that we are like a jazz musician improvising our music on the basic themes given to us by God’s Word. Got to trust the Spirit. Thanks for the comment


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