Bet the Farm on Jesus

My blog’s name, Trust Live Serve, comes from Resurrection Lutheran Church where I am  pastor.  As a congregation we are called to Trust in Jesus as Savior, Live the call of God’s Word, and Serve the World God loves.   The first phrase, Trust in Jesus as Savior, gives centrality to Jesus Christ.  Without Jesus’ life, death and resurrection there would be no reason for any church to gather.  As we move towards Holy Week and the mystery of the cross and empty tomb, I am mindful of how Jesus trusted the Father throughout the passion.  Jesus is not only the object of our trust, but a model of what trust looks like.

The Oehlke farm house remains on church property

Yesterday, I met another example of trust.  Inez Oehlke was the former owner of the farm on which Resurrection Lutheran is now built. She had been a faithful member of a neighboring Lutheran congregation, Gethsemane, and she wanted to make a contribution to her congregation.  She also knew that her farm, on the corner of Bailey Road and Woodbury Drive, was prime commercial real estate because, in time, it would be adjacent to a major intersection in this growing suburb.   She had been approached by various commercial vendors who wanted to purchase parts of her farm, but she had a different vision.  She wanted and prayed for a church on the corner.  And her prayers were answered twice.

Resurrection Lutheran from the farm buildings

Not only was Resurrection Lutheran able to purchase this prime location at a very reasonable price, but St. Ambrose Catholic church as well (St. Ambrose is across the street from Resurrection).  Inez used the purchase price to benefit her own congregation and Luther Seminary.  She now lives in a modest apartment here in Woodbury and, at the age of 91, continues to give “talks” or testimonials on the value of being generous.   After my visit with her, I came away blessed by her trust in Jesus.  Inez continues to live a vibrant life of faith.   Trust in Jesus is in the very foundation of this congregation, even in the soil itself.

Who has been a model of trust in Jesus for you?

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