Living Out Your Story

Jon and Maggie's Story

Last Saturday, my son Jonathan wrote a story that had some odd twists.  He visited some friends in Chicago with his girl friend Maggie.  The main event was to see a Cub’s game at Wrigley Field.  On the way to the game, a friend mentioned that he had made reservation for the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock center.  Jon expressed surprise, while Maggie expressed joy.  She had visited it once before and knew what a special place it was.

Little did Maggie know that Jon was the one who actually made the reservations.  Jon’s plan was to ask her to marry him that evening.  He also arranged to have several of Maggie’s friends join them for the dinner immediately after the proposal.  But he wanted this all to be a surprise.  Even though the two had been discussing marriage for a couple of months, he had not formally asked. He had the ring and approval from Maggie’s parents.  Now he needed to ask prior to the guests’ arrival.

However, as Maggie and Jon approached the elevators for the restaurant, a new wrinkle in the story appeared. They were running a bit late and the line for the elevator was quite long.   Jon was sure one or two of the Maggie’s friend would show up while they waited in line, ruining the surprise.  All his carefully designed plans would be wrecked.

Then a simple act of grace appeared.  A hostess asked if anyone had reservations for dinner.   Since most of those waiting in the line were only going to the observatory, Maggie and Jon were escorted to the front of the line and whisked to the 95 floor.   There he found a quiet spot overlooking the city lights and proposed.  Maggie, surprised and pleased, said YES.  All the special guests arrived and the meal of celebration could begin.

I wonder if the elevator hostess knew what a special gift she was giving that evening.  In a small way it reminds me of the young boy who offers his bread and fish to Jesus; that offering became the feeding of the 5000 (John 6).  We each have parts (big and small) in stories that are being written.  

Jon and Maggie are planning an October wedding.  Their story of celebration continues to be written.

5 thoughts on “Living Out Your Story

  1. Leslee Donovan

    Congratulations to Jon and Maggie! Many blessings! What an awesome story. A little act goes a long way. A simple act that had a big impact.It reminds me that when we offer God what little we do have to Him, God can make it into a BIG offering!!!


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