Trust Live Serve

Mom and me enjoying a birthday treat

Today is my 57th birthday.  So I am planning to trust, live, and serve in a more intentional way.

First, I will continue to trust that Jesus has a purpose and plan for my life as his child.  I am called to pastor Resurrection Lutheran Church and I trust God is the author of that call.  I also continue to trust in the sinner/saints of this wonderful congregation.

I live as child of God.  Later today I plan to ride my new bicycle for the first time.  Playing is part of living.

I serve.  This morning, my mother and I will go to her lawyer to make some minor adjustments to the Durable Power of Attorney papers that I have for her care. She brought me into the world so the least I can do is make sure she is cared for as she lives with dementia.

 Trust Live Serve.  A good way to celebrate life as one of God’s children.

3 thoughts on “Trust Live Serve

  1. openheartproduction

    What a great picture of you and your sweet Mom. Life is good and God is faithful and has a great sense of humor! Have a wonderful day John. I didn’t realize we are the same…or soon to be same age…my 57th is July 3.



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