Male Factor in Faithbuilding

We just completed a great week of Vacation Bible Adventure, my first at Resurrection.  I continue to be impressed with the creative energy, commitment and passion of our volunteers.  Tonya Roberts and Laura Holtmeier provided masterful coordination by recruiting, training and leading the teams as we discovered God’s tremendous promises in Psalm 139.  Over a hundred children were touch by the contagious joy of God’s people.

Men of VBA

Among the many impressive volunteers was a strong male contingent.  Don’t get me wrong.  There were many impressive female crew guides, station leaders and organizers.  All played a part.  But in our suburban setting it would be easy for females to overwhelm this nurturing role for children.  So I was doubly pleased to see many of our young men participating in VBA.  They demonstrated that Christian education is not just a female role.  Our young guides provide role models for the younger boys to see how they can live out their faith in Jesus. I was delighted to serve among these talented, spirit-filled male leaders   

The Bible story for the last day was Peter’s denial of Jesus during the passion (Mark 14).  Whenever I tell that story, I remember my theology professor, Gerhard Forde, and his remark to those who claim to be self-confident in their faith in Jesus. Forde would respond, “cock-a-doodle-doo!” Forde saw Peter’s promise that he would remain steadfast as a reflection of the sinner’s trust in one-self.  He would caution us to never look at our faith as something we possess but to always look to Jesus as the one who rescues us.  Any promise I make to God is the faintest echo of God’s promise to us in Jesus Christ. 

As I reflect on this week of VBA, I continue to rejoice in God’s faithful promise to work through his people, male and female, young and old, sinners and saints.  As we sang all week, “God is wild about you.”

Do you have any special memories of Vacation Bible School from your childhood?

Lord Jesus, continue to raise up leaders for your church so that your good news can be heard.


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