Spiritual Adventure Run

Running in the heat at RAGNAR Relay 2008.

The present heat wave has me wondering how to plan my running and cycling workouts. I cancelled my YMCA membership since I had not gone for two months and needed to economize. I will probably go late this evening near sunset so as to have some cooler temperatures, but I will need to be careful: shorter run, walking breaks and lots of water. Plus I will need to heed the adage “listen to your body.”

Almost any marathon or race training program will have that statement somewhere in its literature. No training program can realistically know how you will specifically respond to each training stimulus. Your body may be great at doing the long distance, but needs extra rest after a hill or speed work-out. Or you may be able to run 4 days a week with no problem, but to do 5 days spells trouble. You need to “listen to your body”, to see if you are over reaching.   If your legs seem to be dead and heavy, or your sleep is not good, it could be your body’s way of saying, “adjust your training.”

Just as we need to listen to our bodies, we need to listen to our spirits as well. God created us as spiritual beings, to be in relationship with Him. God loves to be with his children; so why is it so hard for us to give God the time and place to interact with us? If your life is busy and hectic, may I recommend that you take one of your daily walks, bikes or runs and turn it into a spiritual adventure. Use the time to pray, inviting God (or Jesus) to run beside you. Share with God all your joys and sorrows, all your hopes and fears. And then take time to listen, to ask God to speak to your heart and give you the wisdom you need. I don’t believe every run needs to be “spiritual”, but I do suggest that you intentionally make some of your runs a focused spiritual exercise.

Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually. Psalm 105:4

How do you make time/space to listen to God?

Lord Jesus, walk beside me this day and open my ears and heart to hear your voice.

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