Mission Trip Report

Today  I have a guest blogger, Brian Wright, who give us a report on our recent youth mission trip. Thank, Brian!

Brian Wright between Tonya and Terri

Twelve amazing and energetic youth of Resurrection put their busy summers on pause for the week of July 10 and entered into an unfamiliar territory to serve members of the town of Sisseton South Dakota. This small rural town was considerably different from their home towns, pushing the leaders as well as youth to journey outside of their comfort zones and to confront a number of fears to show their love for God and people.

To fit with the missions theme: ‘Be Different’, the youth of Resurrection began spreading their joy of the Lord with the four other churches immediately upon their arrival. During our first worship service and throughout the week, the other churches as well as Youth Works staff were in awe of the love and the energy that each and every one of the twelve youth displayed in their love of God and for others. This energy and love proved to be contagious, by the end of the week the Youth Works staff and other churches stared to feed off of this enthusiasm.

Each day of our adventure began between 6:45 and 7am (depending on their assigned breakfast preparation responsibilities) and the days were filled with service and devotion, seeking to discover how God was at work in each of our lives. The days’ events did not end until 11pm in the evening. Despite running on little sleep and sleeping on the floor or air mattresses in sleeping bags, the youth refused to display fatigue and maintained their joyful and energetic attitudes (the leaders did the same with the help of some coffee).

During the trip, we were divided into three different groups and took part in various service projects throughout the community by painting houses, leading youngster of the community in worship, and spending time with the elderly in nursing homes.

On the last night of the trip, the leaders and youth took part in a foot washing ceremony to commemorate their last night in Sisseton. The ceremony proved to be a moving and emotional experience that allowed each member of the trip to connect with one another on a stronger and more spiritual manner and to reflect on the growth and love that was spread throughout the week.

From this trip, new friendships were formed and old ones became even stronger: both with members within our church and with members within the Sisseton community. The youth of Resurrection returned home safely reflecting on how they could continue living in a manner that is different from the society just as Jesus did during his time on earth.


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