Rain Down Your Love

Campers Smiles Tell It All

I am at Camp Wapogasset near Amery, WI with 40+ campers.  Yesterday and today have had frequent thunderstorms.  We lost electrical power this morning and had to eat breakfast in the dark.  The kids have not been able to play the big outdoor games nor swim.  Yet the staff has been creative seeking ways for the youth to be active and positive.  Afterall, the theme of the week is community in Christ and this kind of adversity can build stronger bonds of friendship and faith.

This morning for chapel the kids raced in prior to a downpour.  The staff had connected a generator to the sound system so that the kids could sing praise and hear scripture.  They had the youth movin’ and groovin’ to contemporary praise songs.  The skit centered on Matthew 25 and how Jesus comes to us through the needs of others.  Benny gave a short talk about how Jesus was able to work through his disability for God’s glory.  The love of
God was raining down all around.

How do you handle challenges when your expectations are not met?

Lord Jesus, work in my life today, through any challenges or rain.

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