Living Generously

The Rock and the Rainbow as Promises of God

Jesus lived generously.  He gave himself easily to others.  When a religious leader asked him to heal his sick daughter, Jesus immediately started towards his home and eventually healed her (Mark 5:21-43).   When Jesus saw the hungry crowd, he took what his group of disciples had and fed 5,000 people (Mark 4:30).  He graciously gave of himself as he blessed little children and invited the rich man to join his school of discipleship (Mark 10:13-17).  Ultimately Jesus gave his very life for all humanity.  Jesus lived graciously and creatively, never fearful of his choices to give.  He has become the rock of our salvation, the culmination of God’s creative promise in the rainbow to redeem the world (Genesis 9:15).

Gracefulness, generosity and creativity are interrelated and form key elements of a Godly character.  Seth Godin, author and speaker, wrote,

Fear.  It creates anger and selfishness.  They sit together, supporting each other, as inseparable as red, orange, and yellow on the spectrum.

Generosity, creativity, and gracefulness are at the other end in a similar cluster.  If you seek to be creative, start by being generous.  Like blue, indigo and violent, they live together.

At which end of the spectrum do you reside?  When have you experienced grace and generosity together?

Lord Jesus, thank for your never-ending spring of life. Show me the path to generosity and gracefulness.

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