Mountain Guide

First, I want to thank Sarah Storvick for being my guest blogger last week.  I appreciate her thoughtful reflections on participation in a “fake” book club and our call to be authentic followers of Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful for having gifted co-workers to share the call to trust, live and serve.

Pastor John Atop Hallett's Peak in RMNP

Second, I am thankful for a refreshing vacation.  I had some great hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, including the top of Hallett Peak on the Continental Divide.  While atop the peak, I met a volunteer ranger named John. He named all the surrounding peaks for me and told me stories of some of his past hikes and climbs.  He was carrying an ice axe which was not needed on the hike up.  He informed me that he was planning to descend via Andrew’s glacier, an alternate return route that I had been considering.  But seeing his ice axe caused me concern since I did not carry one.  I asked, “Do you think I could descend the glacier without an ice axe?”

He responded,  “I honestly don’t know, but you are welcome to follow me and together we can find out.”

Ranger John preparing to descend Andrews Glacier

Ranger John lead me across the boulder-strewn divide to Andrew’s Glacier and there he stopped to attach some light hiking crampons to his boot. He then directed me on the best angle to descend the ice field and how to navigate beyond the small lake at the glacier’s bottom.   His guiding presence gave me peace and confidence through some tricky parts.

Shortly after John and I parted, I wondered if I would have been as patient and caring to a fellow hiker?  Ranger John certainly was enthusiastic about hiking and proud of the many hidden splendors of Rocky Mountain National Park.  He was a natural evangelists for the park and especially the back country.  Am I as enthusiastic about my journey with Jesus Christ and the high country through which he guides me?  Are you?

Jesus said to them, “Follow me and I will make you fish for people” (Mark 1:17).

Lord Jesus, guide me this day along the path you have given to walk.  Prepare me to be companion guide for the people I meet.

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