Trail Crew

Trail Crew near Lake Haiyaha in Rocky Mountain National Park

A final thought from Labor Day. While hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park last month, I encountered a trail crew building a new bridge. As a teen-ager I had thought trail crew would be the greatest job. They were paid to hike in the wilderness, surrounded by the wonder and beauty of God’s creation. Their work had tangible results, a path that leads from point x to point y.

Only later did I realize how hard their work truly was. Rocks, streams, trees, even mountains block their route. The crew had limited resources, mostly assorted hand tools, to construct the trail. Earlier that I had seen a crew moving large stones with only shovels and pickaxes so that the path could pass through a large boulder field.  They had to battle rain, heat, cold, mosquitoes and biting flies, while eating only the food they carried in. Watching them work, I realized their job is not as idyllic as I once thought.

The Bridge below Lake Haiyaha

Still as I watched, I gave a silent prayer of appreciation and thanks for the work they were doing. For years I have hike mountain trails, prepared and cleared by others. I realize that a small part of my tax dollars go to pay for this as does part of my user fees. Still I am benefiting from other’s labor. I am thankful for those who planned, surveyed, built and maintain our national parks and wilderness areas.

I am also mindful that Jesus has prepared the way for us to the Father.  He cleared the trail for us.  He lifted the heavy burden of our sin off our souls and buried it in the deepest sea. He continues to maintain the path that leads to eternal life.

You show me the path of life. In your presence is fullness of joy; Psalm 16:11.

What path are you following through life and who constructed it?

Lord Jesus, place me on the path that leads to yourself, that I might become what you created me to be.

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