You Are In the Story

A big question for many Bible readers is “Where do I fit in?” The Bible feels like ancient history about long-dead people. In Deuteronomy chapter five, Moses spoke to this concern. The people of Israel were about to enter the Promised Land after wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. The generation that had experienced the exodus of Egypt had died; a new generation had been born during the wilderness journey. The new generation had heard the stories of the Exodus, Mt. Sinai (also called Mt. Horeb), the Ten Commandments, and Moses, but they did not directly experience these events. Or did they?

Moses spoke to the new generation regarding this:

The Lord our God made a covenant with us at Horeb. Not with our ancestors did the Lord make this covenant, but with us, who are all of us here alive today. The Lord spoke with you face to face at the mountain, out of the fire. (At that time I was standing between the Lord and you to declare to you the words of the Lord; for you were afraid because of the fire and did not go up the mountain.) And he said: I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery; you shall have no other gods before me. (Deut 5:2-7)

Please note that second sentence, Not with our ancestors did the Lord make this covenant, but with us, who are all of us here alive today. Moses made the audacious claim that the covenant at Mt. Horeb (Mt. Sinai) was for us alive today. God’s covenant includes YOU and ME. This is not some ancient story, but an ongoing relationship with God.

This is critical reason for walking through the whole story of scripture. It is our story, our identity, our connection to God, the creator and savior. We are the ones who are in danger of making false gods. We are the ones who forget the gift of Sabbath or dishonor our parents. The Ten Commandments address us today. Do we have ears to hear?

Which stories in the Bible have become YOUR story? Which stories challenge or pull you in?

Lord Jesus, speak your Word that it may become my word of life.

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