David Danced

With the current remake of the movie Footloose, I am reminded of Kevin Bacon’s speech in the original movie.  He comes before the city council to argue for the abolition of law that prohibited dancing in the town.  He  pulls out a Bible and reads from 2 Samuel 6:14 and 16, “David dancing and leaping before the Lord.”

With our current cultures focus on dance and movement, from Zumba fitness classes to “Dancing with the Stars,”  I wonder if dance will have a revival in worship?  I know that in certain Pentecostal or Charismatic churches, “dancing before the Lord” is not unheard of.  I just wonder if Lutherans, the frozen chosen, would ever thaw enough to tap their toes or to sing their praise with dance.  Can one keep the Joy of the Lord bottled up forever?

Lord Jesus, you are the Lord of the Dance.  May I follow your lead.

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