Christmas Peace

Christmas Children and PresentsI normally add a picture after I write my post, but today is different. The picture above became my inspiration. I was struck by the serene, peaceful aura of each child as they opened a Christmas present. This is obviously a stock photo of an idealized Christmas morning, especially how the little girl is observing her brother as he opens his package. It is what families hope for, but somehow it is appears too surreal to be true.

None of my siblings did that with me when I opened a present and I don’t remember it happening with my children either. We did take turns; it was not a free for all. Still the rapt attention the girl gives to her brother is off the charts. I bet they ate their Christmas oatmeal and made their beds before they started opening presents.

But there is something else that caught my attention. It is the bookshelf behind them. I always like a well-stocked bookshelf. That made me wonder if the children know the Biblical story of Christmas: the birth of Jesus, the shepherds in the field, the angelic announcement.

“Behold I bring good news of great joy for all people; for to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior.” (Luke 2:11).

What troubles me is that this idealized picture does not need a savior. The kids are angelic already. Now it is simple a moment caught in the lens. Who knows if chaos erupted immediately after the present was opened.  I wonder if there is a Nerf gun inside.

Now I hope your Christmas morning is peaceful and joyous. I pray that your children, grandchildren, cousins, or siblings experience a special moment of Christmas love and cheer. But remember, even if chaos reigns, a Savior has been born. One who comes to rescue us from our self-centered ways. And that might be the best gift of all.

Lord Jesus, come.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Peace

  1. Susan Asplund

    Have to tell you that the last part brought tears to my eyes. We hardly ever have a peaceful anything but we do joyous pretty well. It is not easy to have so many people, so many voices, so much stuff in the house at one time and chaos does reign supreme. However, keeping focused on our Savior helps me to breathe. That indeed is the best gift of all. Thank you for reminding me to keep breathing and focused.

  2. Sarah S.

    The hair looks a little too neat for Christmas morning too . . . I am thankful for the comment that a picture like this, that so many of us strive to emulate at some point during December, seems to not need a Savior. How ironic that we try to celebrate the moment when our Savior came to us in human form, by being something other than the so-very-human and imperfect people we are. Here’s to seeing the beauty and peace in the chaos!


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