Christmas Cute?

“It is indeed annoying to our nature to see God Himself take on this poor, feeble, and corrupt human nature, and disdain the holy, glorious, angelic nature.” – Martin Luther

Sometime we push the cute button of Christmas. We think it’s cute that God would want to become a human baby like us. And since babies are always so cute, then the idea that God became a baby must be cute. We paint Christmas in a wondrous glow of beauty.

We forget that God was already beyond any description of cute, beautiful or wondrous. God chose to sink down into our corrupt nature and experience the wretched brokenness of our human nature. We might like to think that we climb up the moral ladder of human achievement to meet our God. Nothing is further from the truth. God came all the way down the cosmic ladder to meet us in our poverty and desperate need, in the darkness of night.

And the word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

Jesus birth is more than cute. It shatters the heavens and bridges the gap between God and humanity. Prepared to be awed by God’s dramatic entrance into the story of our rescue.

Lord Jesus, come.

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