Seeds of Vibrant Life

My posts are often inspired by scripture, but occasionally the Holy Spirit works through other mediums. Drew Jonell is a talented artist and photographer who has won awards as a high school student. He is a member of Resurrection Lutheran Church and his photo struck me as an expression of our congregation’s mission statement: to call all people to a Vibrant Life of Faith in Christ.

There are several ways it expresses the Vibrant Life. First, the brilliant blue sky is the source of light. Jesus Christ is our intense blue sky that creates the vibrations and brilliance in our life with Him. The blue sky draws us into the photograph. Jesus Christ draws us into the Vibrant Life.

Second, the drifting clouds, reminds me of the cloud of witnesses who are mentioned in Hebrew’s 12:1. These clouds of witnesses are all saints of God who have preceded us in faith. They now stand in heaven cheering us on in our faith journey. We are not alone in the Vibrant Life.

Third, the seeds being given to the wind are representative of God’s Word giving us strength and hope for the future. The sower sows the Word (Mark 4:14).

Finally the silhouette reminds me that it is the light of Christ which shapes and forms what people see of me. My life is formed by Jesus; I vibrate to his light waves. Without him, everything would be dark or grey. Yet surrounded by him, I am fully alive.

Thanks, Drew, for being inspired to take this photo.

What gives you inspiration for your Vibrant Life of Faith in Christ.

Lord Jesus, continue to sow the Word of life in me.

1 thought on “Seeds of Vibrant Life

  1. Lori Jonell

    My family and friends inspire me. Seeing Drew’s photo in a new light gives inspiration. thanks for sharing what you see.


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