lenten disciplines: solitude

Alone with God

My new daughter-in-law, Maggie T. Keller,  wrote a great post on her struggle to embrace the spiritual discipline of solitude.

lenten disciplines: solitude.

Our culture as a whole seems to wrestle with solitude.  We seem to value the loud and boisterous over the quiet and contemplative. The extrovert seems to receive the recognition and affirmation; the introvert seems forgotten.  I grew up wanting to be an extrovert and worked hard to become a gregarious person.

After seminary a counselor once challenged my perception.  “You’ve learned to behave as an extrovert, but I think you really are at heart an introvert.”  I didn’t like his challenge at first, but over the years, I have learned the wisdom of embrace my introverted self.  I am one who can be alone, hiking in the mountains or running along a river trail.  Solitude restores my ability to listen to God’s still, small voice.   “Be still and know that I am God,” Psalm 46:10.

Lord Jesus, be my peace.

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