Hope Runs Eternal

The biggest problem with Minnesota winters is not the severity: not the deep cold, not the large snow falls, not the short dark nights. The real problem is the duration. Winter drags into March and even parts of April. There may be teasers of warm weather, but winter usually has a second or third slam to deliver.

What a difference this year. Not just one day of beautiful warm spring weather, but a whole week. I was able to run the trails at Afton State Park today and though muddy, it was a delight. What a joy to be alive. The exercise, prayer and sunshine gave me a feeling of hope. After all, hope runs eternal.

As a Christian, hope is a critical part of my belief system. I recognize that life is often cruel, unfair and extremely difficult. I remember that every time I do a funeral or visit a hospital room. I also remember it when I make the yearly journey with Jesus to Calvary and the cross. Here is someone who was willing to suffer and die, in the hope of the resurrection. Jesus died for me and he rose for me. I cannot prove the resurrection, but I see plenty of evidence in the New Testament and in the lives of God’s people. I am hopeful that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet. “While we wait for the blessed hope and the manifestation of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ” Titus 2:13 (NRSV)

 My own hopeful news is that after nearly a year layoff, my running is back strong. Thanks for the many words of encouragement and prayers. As I was running Afton, I thought about its 25K trail race this July. Anyone want to join me? God is good!

Lord Jesus, let me run or walk or sit or be with you daily.

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