Yes, Yes, Yes!   I am going to be a grandfather in November and today my son and daughter-in-law discovered it will be a boy. They plan to name him, “Jonathan McCrary Keller” Junior. My wife and I felt some affirmation in naming the first “Jonathan McCrary Keller.” God is good and I am so grateful for all of God’s blessings. Pastor John Keller


If you were listening closely at about 8:30 CST this morning, you should have heard the sound of Jon being a very proud daddy.

We’re having a boy!

We are absolutely thrilled and I stand by my original contention: I wasn’t wrong…I hoped it would be a boy! Those of you who voted boy, congratulations! Jon admitted to voting 5 different times, so that poll was a bit misleading.

He looks absolutely beautiful. Growing right on schedule for 20 weeks, he’s already 12oz. We saw so many views of his little body: arms, legs, fingers, toes, spine, a four-chambered heart, diaphragm, kidneys, brain, and even his nose and lips! I could feel him moving all during the ultrasound, and have been feeling him more and more since last week.

After searching for a while, the ultrasound tech got a great between-the-legs shot (which I’d noticed earlier, but didn’t say anything…

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  1. Jeannie LeMere

    Oh my goodness, John – grandparenting is the BEST! You and Carolyn will love every minute, as we are. You will be the best Grandpa, next to Jim, of course. See you soon!


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