Root Beer Float

Every Tuesday I drive to a neighboring Lutheran Church for a Bible study with local pastors.  Together we study the scripture text for Sunday so that we can be better prepared to preach God’s Word.

Today, as I drove up to Amazing Grace Lutheran Church I noticed this “float” in their parking lot.  The congregation had used it in the local community parade, where they handed out both root beer candy and “church information on a stick.”  It was a creative way of inviting new comers to their congregation.

A couple weeks before, Resurrection Lutheran Church had participated in our local Woodbury days parade with our worship band playing  for the crowd.  It was a delight to see and hear them that day as they praised God and invite all to come for worship.

As I left Amazing Grace and took this picture, I rejoiced that congregations seek to find creative ways to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Churches too often are seen as dry, boring places.   Resurrection and Amazing Grace both seek to express the Vibrant Life of Faith.

I also realized that Amazing Grace had quench my thirst by hosting the study of God’s Word.  What a treat!

Lord Jesus, let me drink again from the fountain of living water.

2 thoughts on “Root Beer Float

  1. opreach

    Clearly there is a connection between Lutherans and A&W root beer. When I had just graduated from high school, I used to go to a weekly Bible study with some friends who were Lutherans. Afterwards we would play pinochle and drink A&W root beer. We would get the big jugs from the tap. The best flavor! No floats, but I remember those evenings with great fondness.


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