The Path Chosen

I subscribe to other blogs and two recent posts caught my attention. Both had stunning pictures and described walking in a kind of spiritual wonder and beauty.  I appreciate each photo and  written reflection.  They described paths I yearn to follow.

The first is from Jacob Schriftman.

Morning Walk in Heaven

I love to walk beside the ocean.  One of my most memorable runs was along Seven Mile beach in c, Jamaica.

The second photograph is from Sister Pat Farrell, OP,  a Dominican Sister of San Rafael.

Muir Woods Trail

I also love to hike forest paths.  I am looking forward to a hike this summer on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Yet today, on the first day of spring, my morning run in St. Paul, Minnesota, was on snow and ice. I felt somewhat deprived. I grumbled and complained as I ran. This is not path I would have preferred.    Then I watched a video on the beauty of trail running even in snow.  (It is only two minutes in length, yet inspirational.)

Show me your ways, oh Lord, teach me your paths.  Whether snow-covered or not, teach me to walk, run, and dance with you though all circumstances and situations.

3 thoughts on “The Path Chosen

  1. sarahysh

    What a cool video. This extraordinary trail run – and your prayer – make me think about spiritual disciplines . . . and that I’ve got a lot of training to do to walk, run, dance like that!

  2. opreach

    It is a great video, John. And thank you for using my photo. Muir Woods is simply beautiful; the redwoods are special. I am sure you will enjoy the PCT, and may you enjoy the same spirit of abandon and may your body have the same agility as the runner in the video. 🙂

  3. cleaunz

    nice little blog – loved the Video – aqm a mountain boy living on the ocean – I feel the void – a bit like the hunger and thirst in Matthew 5 (?) but for mountains like in the video. Enjoyed !!!


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