Sidewalk Sunday School


In college I went to an evening service for healing. I went with a friend expecting to pray for her health. But while I was there, I went forward for prayer myself. I asked the pastor to pray for my critical, skeptical thinking that often blocked my faith experience.

I remember his prayer. He asked for “the wings of my intellect to be folded, so that the Holy Spirit might soar within me.”

I have prayed that prayer frequently this week as five youth and I  serve at the Denver Metro Ministries.  Pastor John Gallegos and his team take their puppet ministry, songs and games, called
Sidewalk Sunday school, to various urban projects in Denver.  My team has helped working puppets and leading games.

My skeptical mind finds many parts of the ministry uncomfortable.  For example, competitive games and prizes are not my specific vision of Christian children’s ministry. The focus on “making a decision for Christ” runs counter to my focus on responding to  God’ s grace. Yet I have folded the wings of my intellect so that the Holy Spirit can soar.

The Spirit is soaring because Pastor John Gallegos and his team are there to share the love of Jesus. His team are dedicated to loving children who are forgotten by many in our society. They share the love of Jesus in song, puppets, food and word.  Week after week –spring, summer, and fall –they go to the very neighborhoods that many of us avoid.  The youth and I are blessed to serve with them.

Sidewalk Sunday School’s Bible verse this week is Proverbs 14:21, “Being kind to the needy brings happiness.”   Their kindness has brought each member of Resurrection’s team happiness.

Lord Jesus, thank you for your soaring Spirit.

1 thought on “Sidewalk Sunday School

  1. Kathy Savela

    Nicely said John, I love to hear that you still have doubts and worries about your faith and beliefs like the rest of us. It sets my mind at ease to read about that, I guess I could say that it makes my spirit soar.


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