Running Boston in Boston

Yesterday I wrote about my running buddies Mike Johnson and Dan Foster running in the Boston Marathon.  Both finished, but Mike’s finish had something extraordinary.  One runner had collapse at the 26 mile marker, less than a quarter mile from the finish.  Four other runners helped him across the finish line; one of whom was Mike Johnson.   Mike is the runner in the neon yellow shirt in the tweet below.


Reminded me of the old Hollies hit, “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother.”  Way to go, Mike!

You can see the series of pictures of this finish at this link.



2 thoughts on “Running Boston in Boston

  1. opreach

    What an inspirational story, John. I read about this in the news before I knew that Mike was your friend. How heart-warming for you. I am not surprised that you have a friend like this. Blessings of Easter Week to you! Pat

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