Very early in the hike a single word came to mind, SAVOR.  To take time and simply be on the trail surround by grandeur and expansive space.  So I did.  Though I had many miles to cover each day, I also took time to simply stop and soak in the view.

60 0819 am Rock Pass Camp (2)To Savor

As the Serenity Prayer states, To Enjoy One Moment at a Time.

51 0818 Lupine 2 (2) compressIn my day-to-day world of ministry, my schedule can be filled  with meetings, appointments and tasks.  On the trail I wanted to embrace the empty schedule.  To simply BE.  To savor the opportunity to hike a trail surrounded by rocky peaks and steep valleys.

75 0820 Crater and Jack Mt (2) compressThe second night I noticed the tag line on my freeze dried dinner – Savor The Adventure.  I can honestly say I did.


28 0817 Savor Woody Pass (2)

Savor The Adventure

Psalm 46:10  Be still and know that I am God.

When and how do you savor life?

8 thoughts on “Savor

  1. Virginia Pleban

    Pastor John, You certainly have a full life. I enjoy reading your posts and it helps bring back to why I am here. I am involved in our church, North Church, No. St. Paul, by being a Deacon, do lots of yard work and I am going to train to be a mentor for a confirmation student. I always remember your enthusiasm. Thank you. Virginia Pleban

  2. Deb Wheeler

    John, two former college roommates of mine hiked the Coast to Coast trail across Northern England this summer. They averaged 10 miles a day for almost 3 weeks. They posted thoughts & photos almost every day. They met wonderful people, both on the trail and at the guest houses they stayed at. They allowed us all to savor the beauty with them, as you have. Thanks.

  3. Mountain Goat

    I agree that savoring the moment and environment around us is something we all have to work on. I think it starts with unplugging from electronics and removing excuses we make for why we can’t get “out there”. I talk more about this in my “removing the filters” post. Thanks for the perspective. Happy Trails!

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