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No Place Like Home

My siblings are preparing to sell Mom’s home. My mom has lived in a memory care unit in Woodbury for nearly a year. She lived in her home in Bremerton WA for more than 40 years, but I doubt she will ever return. I lived there for only six years before leaving for college and then seminary, yet I have a deep attachment to the place. A big part of the attachment was the magnificent view from the back deck, so my brother sent me a last picture from that favorite spot.

The steel-blue waters of the Puget Sound were a steady source of comfort and peace. The ferry from Seattle emerged from Bainbridge Island every few hours as well as the occasional sailboat. Once a huge the huge aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise, steamed by, heading for the naval shipyard. In my first couple of summers there I had a small row-boat in which I explored neighboring bays. It was crushed in a winter storm. Ships and boats on the Sound would come and go, but the constant slap of the waves never left me.

I always struggle with the final vision of Revelation 21:

Then I saw a new heaven and new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. Rev. 21:1

I understand that for the Jews the sea was a symbol of chaos and destruction. Just read the story of Noah or Jonah in the Old Testament. The Jews were not sailing people, so the promise of no sea was good news for them. I however would miss it.

Bremerton Ferry and Mount Rainier

I am guessing that mom’s house will sell quickly, especially if someone stops by on a very clear day (okay, Washington state does not have a surplus of those). But what you cannot see in my brother’s  picture is Mount Rainier on the horizon. On a bright clear day it stands like a giant snow ball for all to see. It was a constant reminder of me that God loomed over all, even when the clouds block my sight. I hope the new owner discovers the same inspiration I have experienced.

Is there a place that inspires and comforts you?

Lord Jesus, thank you for your promise to be always with us, no matter where we are.