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Hospitals and Churches

I have been sitting at the hospital today, watching my mother as she recovers from a nasty fall.  Mostly she is sleeping and when she is awake, her dementia limits conversation.  Still I am thankful that I can simply be with her.


Churches are often describes as hospitals for sinners.  I want to push the metaphor as I sit with my mom.

1.  The hospital staff cares:  they use my Mom’s name and explain what they are doing even though she has dementia.   Do the people of God show as much care for the stranger who visits?

2.  The staff knows their roles and strengths.  The Personal Care Assistant has a different role from the Nurse.   Do the people of God know their strengths and gifts?

3. The staff will push my mom at times.  The Physical Therapist had to challenge, cajole and push my Mom to stand and take a walk down the hall.  Are the people of God willing to challenge one another in compassion, generosity, and service?

There may be other lessons to be learned.  What do you think?

Lord Jesus, bring healing and hope to your people.