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Running Gifts of Laughter

The excitement builds for the gift exchange

The excitement builds for the gift exchange

This morning my running friends held our annual white elephant gift exchange. After completing our normal Saturday run, we headed over to a coffee shop to exchange odd gifts.

Gift Exchange 1The rules are that the gift must be something from your home that is running related and you no longer need. No one is to buy anything new.  The gifts take on a bizarre quality because several gifts of old running shirts or race gift bags are re-exchanged ever year. We compete to see who can give the most memorable gift.

This year was particularly rich. One of our members, Tim Torgerson, retired from referring college football. His autographed framed photo in his referee uniform caused quite a stir (this gift barely qualified as “running” related). Several people exchanged un-open gifts for the right to his photo.

Gift Exchange  SculptureBut perhaps the best gift was a sculpture, called “The anatomy of a runner.” It was created with wood dowels and cut cross-sections of old running shoes. That is one white elephant gift that will be re-gifted next year.

I ended up with a new cap that I think I will actually wear.

The gift exchanged reminded me once again of the power of community and rituals. This is the eighth year that our group convenes for this silliness. We laugh, talk and reflect. We remember old gifts and wonder what new gifts will come.

Running is often seen as a solitary sport. Yet the power of community is real and significant. The same is true for our Christian faith. We each come to Jesus as unique individuals by our own path. Yet we also belong to Jesus through the body of Christ. The shared rituals of worship, prayer, communion, and song link us together. Together we rejoice with those who rejoice and we weep with those who weep.

The running group not only helps me keep a healthy practice of running, but also a healthy practice of friendship. Thanks.

Lord Jesus, thank you for friends who laugh and cry with me.