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Everything Glorious

When I was in college, one of my Christian mentors was a German professor.  He provided rides each Sunday to his Episcopal church and breakfast afterwards.  The worship was quite liturgical and mysterious to my simple tastes.  I often felt overwhelmed by the ancient language, the various postures of prayer, and the classical music.  My mentor gave me one piece of advice to which I still cling.  He said, “Be open to one moment of clarity, of revelation, of God’s presence.  You can’t control when or how, just be open.”  Ever since I have tried to worship with that open, expectant attitude.  It does not happen every week, or even every month.  But, on occasion, the Holy Spirit hits me with  AWE.

This past Sunday I was surprised by awe.   It was just for a moment while our worship team lead us in singing “Everything Glorious” by David Crowder. (You can listen to it on YouTube here http://youtu.be/81dK2Vu1IUs )

The lyrics that struck me are:
You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious

You make everything glorious
And I am Yours,
So what does that make me?

Somehow the words broke through my insecurities and masks and I sensed the Holy Spirit being rather direct with me.  I am a participant in glory, not because of my role or behavior or morals or status or accomplishments.   I am a participant in glory simple because God made me so.   And it is the glory of God’s love, revealed in the cross.  It is the glory of God’s grace to makes me so.  

For a moment, as we sang, I FELT the power of that truth. It was surprising how through that simple song God gave me light, hope and joy.  I am thankful that the Holy Spirit, David Crowder and the Resurrection’s worship team gave me that moment of glory and AWE.

When or how has God’s glory touched your life?