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The Journey Towards Transformation

The Turning Point in My Journey

Tomorrow I am driving to Bloomington, Indiana, to pick up my daughter Suzanne and her things and together we will drive home.  It will be short trip, but I am looking
forward to it.  I am not looking for any drama, but I am open to an adventure and change during the journey.

Journeys are a frequent theme in the Scriptures. A couple of weeks ago in worship, we read about the two disciples who walked seven miles to Emmaus and during the walk encountered Jesus.  Their simple walk became a spiritual journey of transformation. (I posted on this story here).

There are many other such journeys in the Bible.   The Israelites journeyed/wandered in the wilderness for forty years after their exodus from slavery in Egypt and prior to their
arrival in the Promised Land. Elijah the prophet made the journey from Northern
Israel to Mt. Horeb in Sinai to encounter God (I Kings 19).  Jonah made a side trip to the sea and a whale before making the trip to Nineveh. Jesus went into the wilderness for forty days to pray and fast before starting his ministry (Matthew 4) and later set his face towards Jerusalem for his passion (Matthew 16:21).   The book of Acts is filled with journeys, especially Paul’s missionary sojourns.

Contemporary literature also uses the metaphor of journey for spiritual transformation.  J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and C. S. Lewis’ Voyage of the Dawn Treader both use the journey motif as means to describe the main characters movement from self-centered, complacent beings to courageous, self-sacrificing heroes.   Their stories carry the Biblical image into our current worldview.

I don’t expect any major transformation during my drive to and from Indiana.  After all it is only three days.  But I think any journey has the potential to open us up to new perspectives and insights, especially if we invite God to be a part of the journey.  I’ll let you know when I return.

Jesus said, I am the way. (John 14:7)

Do you remember a trip or journey where the Spirit renewed or redirected your life?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, guide me this day on the path to life.