Hiking with Suzanne and with Jesus

I am looking forward to my two-week vacation, starting next Monday. The second week will be traveling out to Estes Park, Colorado, to bring daughter Suzanne home from her summer job as a pastry chef at Lane’s Guest Ranch . I am going out early to do some hiking and camping. The mountain trails in Rocky Mountain National Park stir my soul and challenge my heart, lungs and legs.  Mountain hiking is true Body/Mind/Spirit exercise for me.

Suzanne Climbing the Path

I often associate Suzanne with Rocky Mountain National Park, not only because she has worked there the past three summer. In 1996 my wife’s family had a reunion at nearby YMCA of the Rockies. Most of the week was cool and cloudy with frequent rain showers. One afternoon Suzanne and I took a special hike together. We climbed a small prominent peak near the camp and contemplated the vista. I remember the hike well, because I marvel at Suzanne’s ability to hike in spite of her open heart surgery five years before. She was a trooper and celebrated the climb with a shout of victory and a granola bar.

Climbing a mountain is one of my favorite metaphors for the Christian life. Our path in life is often uncertain and challenging. We may only be able to see the next few steps. We persevere through blown down trees or muddy streams. Life in Christ often has its challenges. The path may be steep and long. Still we trust the path will eventually lead us to our goal. As we climb higher our vista opens and we experience the joy and wonder of God’s creation and majesty.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:7). The psalmist sang, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path” (Proverbs 119:105).

How would you describe your recent path with God?

Lord Jesus, be my guide this day as I seek to follow your path for my life.

1 thought on “Hiking with Suzanne and with Jesus

  1. Leslee Donovan

    One of my favorite bible verses. Grateful God is behind me, walks with me and goes before me. Hard to sometimes hand my trust over to him but always a smoother road when I follow His path instead of my own. Trying to just enjoy the journey along the way and grateful He only gives information on a need to know basis to get me through. Thanks for Gods words through your observations Pastor John!


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