Jonathan Grows Up

I certainly am a proud papa as I prepare to celebrate my son’s wedding on Friday.  Carolyn and I thought we had the perfect name for our first-born, Jonathan, since he was “a gift of God” and his name, Jonathan, would distinguish him from his father, John.   And for years he was always Jonathan.   At church he learned to roam the hallways at a young age and delighted in being in the church nursery.

Jonathan with leg cast

However, one Sunday morning, a nursery attendant pulled me out of worship because my two-year-old son would not stand up on his left leg.  He had been jumping over things and somehow broke his leg.  I took him to the hospital where he received a leg cast.  At first he would not leave my lap.  But within a week he re-learned to walk and then run.  The next Sunday he was back at church, scooting through the narthex traffic in search of a cookie.   He has always been on the move, seeking new adventures, challenges and relationships.  Later at confirmation camp, he broke his collar bone, playing football.  Within a few hours, he figured out he could still throw the football and he became the designated quarterback with a no-tackle rule.  As he grew, his friends started calling him Jon instead of Jonathan.  It was quicker; you had to be fast to get his attention.

Jon runs for Minnehaha Academy

I also rejoice that he has chosen to run and live with passion.   He always been a competitor, working hard to achieve his goals, whether it was being the best cross-country runner or academic scholar.  That passion has led him to start his own company with some friends: MNY group.  His passion pushed him to seek the best spouse: Maggie Thomas.  She already brings incredible joy and laughter to Jon and our family.  I am praying that they find a good pace together.

And most importantly Jon continues to run with Jesus Christ as his Lord.  Though many will be calling him Jon this week-end and I will be confused, he will continue to my Jonathan, “a gift of God.”

1 thought on “Jonathan Grows Up

  1. kathleen Warner

    Congrats on a job well done John. I can feel your love. Makes me smile as I pray for the same for Kurt and Christina. That they find spouses that will love, honor and cherish them…and of course…make them laugh daily. K


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