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Wedded To a Faithful Grand

Today Carolyn and I celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary.  I wrote about our romance a couple of years ago here. Though we have had our share of struggles, she continues to bring joy and love into my life.

Family Selfie

Family Selfie

One place where Carolyn excels is in her love of family, our children and grandchildren.  When our children were younger, she set aside her career as a pastor to give time and opportunities for our children, Jonathan, Suzanne and Christina.  She made sure our children had the best overall educational opportunities for each child, using a combination of public schools, private schools, public charter school and home schooling to provide the best learning environment for each of our three children.  She served as an informal college guidance counselor as each child flew from the nest to out-of-state colleges.

Grandparents and GrandkidsNow with two grandchildren, she has embraced her new role as “Grand” (grandmother) .  I know people who struggle or even reject the title of grandparent, since they see it as a sign of aging.  Carolyn has embraced her role, savoring every opportunity to interact with Jack and Grace.  I am so thankful that we are able to share in this honor together as grandparents and her devotion continues to teach and inspire me.  She sees this as part of her calling from God, to share the wonder of Jesus Christ with our children and grandchildren.

I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that lived first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, lives in you.  (2 Timothy 1:5)

Lord Jesus, thank you for Carolyn.

The Love of Reading

Kelller SmileAs a new grandpa I enjoy holding and playing with my grandson. Like nearly all grandparents I delight in both my grandson’s ever-expanding abilities while appreciating my son and daughter-in-law’s parenting challenges and joys. Last week they sent me a video of Jack’s new ability to roll over and I was dancing with joy as I watched.  I fully embrace my new role as “papa”.

Family Reading Baby Yawning by Jacob Schriftman

I saw this photograph from a blogger in Ireland, Jacob Schriftman, and it immediately reminded me of one of my parenting joys: reading to children. Most parents in our society know the value of reading as well the intimacy of holding a child. One of my professors in seminary said that as parents we teach our children both the value of intellectual knowledge and emotional intimacy when we hold our child in our lap to read to them. There is something powerful and significant in this nightly ritual.

And naturally there are all kinds of books to read to children. One of my favorites as a parent was to read Goodnight Moon and search for the mouse in each picture. Even though I grew tired of reading it, my children’s fascination kept me engaged.

Spark Story BibleA member of my congregation stopped by my office the other day and said how much his five-year old son appreciates their family reading from the Spark Story Bible. His son was very upset when the family return from a trip and the Spark Story Bible could not be found right away. They had to do a thorough search for it prior to bedtime so that the story ritual could be restored. Perhaps they read the story of the lost coin in Luke 15 and the rejoicing that took place when the coin was found.

I look forward to reading to my grandson in the years to come. It is one way that I can live out my calling to “love my neighbor” and to bear witness to Jesus Christ. At baptism, parents promise to place in the hands of their children the Holy Scripture and provide for their Christian instruction. I think grandparents can play a big part in that promise as well.

Lord Jesus, may your Word become the joy of our hearts.